Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Classic Moves

Just spent two days moving our junk out of storage. What on earth did we save all this for?

At least I know we are rich in friends. It takes special people to sacrifice an entire day to tote someone else's garbage up and down a moving van ramp and place it into a house. Especially since many of the boxes are HEAVY with rocks, books and records.

I think next time we relocate, I will give away all my earthly possessions.

I feel jetlagged as though I'd travelled to a planet light years away instead of just across town.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Classic Movies

So I've been revisiting some old classics - Animal House, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, the original Superman movies, Airplane and others - and was a little shocked to see how risque some of the scenes were. Anyone else think that?

I was also bummed to realize that a bunch of the actors are dead now - such as Jim Belushi, John Candy and Christopher Reeve. They were so funny. It stinks that they're dead. The Oscars always highlight those in show business who have died during the previous year. These used to be all really old people I'd never heard of. Very strange that more and more of those I grew up watching who were not much older than me are gone.

It was fun to see George Lucas and Steven Spielberg presenting the best director Oscar last night. Incredible that Lucas never received best director. I wish he'd follow through on his original idea to make 9 movies. I want another trilogy!