Monday, November 24, 2008

Chasing to correct mistakes of the past

Journey back with me to a night almost three weeks ago, when we learned that the majority of Americans were ready for a big change in their leadership.

(O happy day!)

Believe it or not, the election isn't over for everyone. One local race is still too close to call. My friends and I have been busy these past couple of weeks visiting voters who forgot to sign their ballot envelopes. There are hundreds of votes that weren't counted here in Clark County because of no signature or a signature that didn't match the registration. These votes could help to decide the outcome of the race for county commissioner.

We've chased all over, tracking down folks who belong to the provisional ballots. If they signed an affidavit verifying their ballot was voted by them and it was presented to the elections office by 5 pm today, their vote will be counted.

It's an interesting process - many of the folks were extremely appreciative of our efforts. Some were so grateful that they invited us in for coffee or introduced us to family members who shook our hands and thanked us for our efforts.

Ironically, though, many of their ballots likely WON'T make a difference in this race because many probably didn't vote all the way down the ballot. They voted for President, maybe selected a Governor candidate and even a state senator and representative, but did not choose anyone in the county commission race between Pam Brokaw and Tom Mielke. When I last looked at the some of the vote totals, there were over 15,000 people who had UNDERVOTED relative to this race. It's sad, because while the other races are certainly important, county commissioners are in an extremely powerful position which determines our quality of life. Their decisions really impact how our community grows. People don't understand how local government makes such a difference.

It will still be a little while before this race is decided. There may be a recount, depending on what the numbers are after tonight. I'll post more about this soon.


Shana said...

As a Clark County resident, thank you for your efforts : )

I thought his blog was long forgotten, glad to see you resurrecting it.

Nice to meet you the other night. I hope we can make it a regular thing!

Fantastic Forrest said...

You're welcome!

Not forgotten, just shamefully neglected.

It was great meeting you too, Shana! Looking forward to many more fun times.