Monday, October 11, 2010

Fangirl for a Redheaded Hamlet

I have seen a LOT of plays at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival over the past 22 years.

I have NEVER seen the same one twice.

Until now.

I've endeavored to see every play with Dan Donohue since he joined the gang in 1994.

I've really enjoyed his comedic turns in roles like
Dvornichek in Tom Stoppard's ROUGH CROSSING
Andrew Aguecheek in TWELFTH NIGHT

Not to mention his incredible work in

the three year cycle playing Hal in HENRY IV, PARTS 1 & 2 and Henry in HENRY V.

This year, the man has outdone himself. He is totally hilarious as

Waiter in She Loves Me.

And he is amazingly masterful as

Hamlet in Hamlet.

So amazingly masterful, in fact, that I paid for tickets not just once, but TWICE.

And the family adored him just as much, so they did the same.

He is the most physical, funny, clever Hamlet ever. His intonations and expressions as he performs are so unique. They illuminate this character in a completely fresh, wonderful way. For the first time, I really gave a damn that SPOILER ALERT! Hamlet dies at the end.
We loved every minute of the play in August. And again a week ago.

We drove five hours down and five hours back in order to see him again.

And in between those five hour drives, we were thrilled to be rewarded for our wait by the stage door by him coming out and visiting with us. Even though he was clearly exhausted, he signed our programme and shook our hands, and permitted us to love on him for a few minutes.

I confess it. I am a fool for this actor.


lisleman said...

This post explains some of the background to your son's acting ambitions. Not a bad subject to get the kids interested in.

yogurt said...

So your rating, instead of two thumbs up is 20 hours worth of travel!

Stu said...

Does Mr. Damon know he is being replaced?

TomCat said...

Hi Forrest. First, thanks for your visit and comment at Politics Plus.

It is my turn to be envious of you. My physical limitations put the festival in Ashland out of reach for me. I bet it was an absolute blast.

May I suggest that we add the Shakespeare Festival to the list of incentives to use in the our Lisa G conspiracy?