Friday, December 3, 2010

Laurence Olivier, Eat Your Heart Out

Andrew Forrest as Mr. Darcy, December 2010

Imagine this image enlarged to 20 x30, framed, hung above a fireplace, lit by gleaming brass chandeliers. A shy young woman acting as the housekeeper at Pemberley inquires of a more confident young actress portraying Elizabeth Bennet whether she has met Mr. Darcy, the character who is depicted. Another confident young woman in the role of Elizabeth's aunt, Mrs. Gardiner, asks her if the painting is a good likeness.

And my heart is full.

It has been a busy couple of months preparing for the local high school production of Pride and Prejudice. I have worked harder than usual and performed a number of new tasks to support the students and their wonderful directors. And, honestly, even if everyone had missed their cues and forgotten all their lines, it would have been totally worth it.

But of course they didn't. The students and their teachers are incredibly talented, and put on a fabulous show. I have loved every minute working with them, assisting whatever way I could in order to be part of this magical process of transformation.

I have also made some fantastic friends in the form of my fellow drama mamas. They are women I might never have met were it not for the fact that our children are in a production together. And what a loss that would have been. Kim, Robyn, Tracie, Rachael....four busy women who have shared anxieties, hopes, triumphs and a lot of laughs and hugs.

There is also the experience of watching my son. My firstborn, my pride and joy. He interprets Darcy in his own unique way, with his beautiful deep voice reciting the classic lines of Jane Austen. I confess I am probably quite prejudiced, but I think his English accent is gorgeous. I am so thankful for all the hard work the directors and so many students have put into this production. They capture their characters so very well, and have so much enthusiasm. We've all seen shows where one or two people are super, but the rest are mediocre. That's not the case here. While I might tell myself that my son is the best thing evah, I also honestly feel that his peers are great. And I am so happy he has some very good friends in the group.

Like I told you, my heart is full.


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

How I love that your heart is full, Holly.


Kathy Amen said...

What a wonderful experience for a mom! I'm so glad that you are enjoying this time to the full, since, believe me, it will pass all too quickly.

Your "Darcy" looks divine!

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Gloriousness all around, elder Mrs. Darcy. ;)

lisleman said...

congrats to all

Kathryn Magendie said...

this made me smile . . .

break a leg, 'Darcy'!

Lisa said...

Oh, sweet mama pride!

He looks wonderful. Having met him only the once, I'm confident that he played his part beautifully.

Bee said...

I remember when your son was cast in this role . . . it looks (and sounds) like he made it his own. I'm so happy that this has been such a gratifying experience for both of you! See you in Chawton this summer. x