Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Belly Laughs, Babies, Borscht Belt and Blogrolls

That's Why has yielded yet another great link to a fun blogger. TheMom is in charge of Attentive Aphorisms, and she shares a hysterical video about how to make a baby here. After you watch it, you can click on this link to learn how it was done. Brilliant.

Katie Schwartz's From Oy to Vey was on the snark blogroll at Mock, Paper, Scissors.* She has a lot of funny stuff. One post caught my eye, Old Jews Tell Jokes, which showed a video clip from a site called Old Jews Tell Jokes. That site features....well, what do you think it features?! Old Jews telling jokes. It's a blast. So far, this is my favorite. My Amazing Son says any joke involving the Pope is inherently funny. I haven't tested that beyond this sample of one. I don't think that's statistically significant. But it is awfully funny, so the boy may be on to something.

* MPS has several different blogrolls, each one carefully categorized. I think this shows a compulsion to have things neat and orderly, which is admirable, but it also demonstrates a propensity to label individuals and their writing. I think my blog should be in its own special category, BLOGS OF INCREDIBLE WIT AND BRILLIANCE AND SEXINESS. But Tengrain put me in Pop Culture and tried to convince me that this is a special privilege reserved for only a few. True, Randal Graves of L'ennui-mélodieux and Dr. Zaius of Zaius Nation are there. Those guys are cool. And some of the others seem excellent, at least based on their names, like Evil Slutopia and Ribbed for Your Pleasure. But I have a lot of political content, and would love to share a roll with Satanists for Huckabee and Impeach the Mother Fucker Already. Oh well, such is life. I am just proud to be listed on the fine blogroll of Mock, Paper, Scissors. Unlike the way I am not listed on this friend's, or this friend's or this friend's. Well, actually, the last two don't appear to have a blogroll at all, so I guess I forgive them! But that other one? She's in big trouble.

Oh, and if you love the little bronze Buddha sculpture above and must have one for your very own, check out Acorn Gifts. Lots of fun stuff there!


Lisa said...

Thank you, again, for the link. There is so much good writing, inventive thinking, creativity, humor and just all around entertaining and thoughtful work on the blogs, I find it very hard to categorize. I change my categories around from time to time.

You'd love Tengrain from MPS - he's a truly delightful, kind, generous man. I crush on him very much. I'm glad to know you're on his blogroll!

Bee said...

If I ever go for categories, which is doubtful, I will dub you the linkiest . . . unless I go for the category that you suggested!

The problem with links is that they tend to spin you off . . . I've been over at JAPRA'S for a while now. Then I remembered that I didn't leave you a comment.


themom said...

Thanks for additional links and th...e kind words. So glad I found you - or you found me - or whatever

stephanie (bad mom) said...

May I please be included in your special category? Because I have you listed in my blogroll...:D

I agree with your Amazing Son; Pope & poop jokes (the words even sound close - coincidence? I think not) are indeed inherently funny.

Becky said...

Man, why didn't I think of a cool blog name like "Ribbed For Your Pleasure"!!!!

I suck.

Thanks for the links!