Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Summer Road Trip 2009

Please fasten your seat belts.

Here are our destinations:

Glacier National Park
Devils Tower National Monument

Mt. Rushmore
Madison, WI
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Cooperstown, NY
Philadelphia, PA
Washington, DC

Charleston, SC
Little Rock, AR
Denver, CO

Then back to Vancouver, WA

Your suggestions on what to see, do, eat, where to stay, how to save money, etc. appreciated.


Bee said...

Wow!! What a roadtrip! Is this 10 cities in 10 days, or are you planning on taking a leasurely route?

Bizarrely -- I can't quite believe it myself -- I've only been to ONE of those cities/places. Denver. And I don't feel qualified to give restaurant tips.

When do you leave?

Lisa said...

I love the idea of this roadtrip! One of our best as a family was Georgia to Washington, DC, Cherry Hill, NJ with a day trip to New Hope, PA, to Chicago with a sleepover in Cleveland, then Southeastern Indiana to visit family on our way home. It was a wonderful time.

I really hope that we can meet up when you're over this way!

lisleman said...

Coming by here after your visit to my "a few clowns short" place.

Wow this is one long road trip.
Glacier (you know we pronounce differently) is beautiful - road to the sun.
So Madison -to- Niagara - you must stop and see a little of Chicago. We have a great lake front.

Little Rock -to- Denver - you'll be crossing the famous Route 66. Maybe in Missouri depending on your route. The Ozarks should be seen and check out if there is some Route 66 thing in the area you'll be going through.

wow this is a long road trip.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Bee - I am all about stopping to smell the flowers. Forty two days and nights. I heart Professor X's summer break.

Lisa - can't wait to see you this summer. It will be a highlight!

lisleman - I like your place! Road to the Sun Highway is awesome. Prof. X and I saw it years ago and can't wait to take the kids. I know Chicago well, because I grew up there. Went to school at a university on the lake front. We'll just be passing through this summer, but have shown the kids a bit previously and will return again some time.

My Mom lives in the Ozarks, and we will go north into Missouri for a KC Royals game (our first ever) then on to Denver. Route 66 crosses at Springfield, MO. It would be fun to have a "Cars" experience there, but I suspect it's pretty built up, not retaining the historic buildings that they have in parts of Texas along 66...

Sprite's Keeper said...

You're doing all of that? You have the coolest family EVER!
You're linked and I hope you have a blast!

lisleman said...

I see you also joined the "spin cycle" fun. I think I have done 3 or 4 spin cycles now.

As I commented before - wow that's a long trip. Hope your weather is kind to you.

Wondering - all this driving in a car? RV?
Also I bet you have set of on the road activities for the kids.

Oh one more, will you be blogging on the trip? I suggest NOT but just wondering.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Sprite's Keeper - Thanks for the linky love!

lisleman - we're taking the car, I too hope for good weather, and we have four windows and a big sunroof to entertain the children. Plus lots of books on CD, music CD's and scintillating conversation. I'm going to try to blog just in order to hold on to the memories, you know? I wish I'd done so the year we were in Europe.