Friday, June 5, 2009

Horse Puckey

An unattributed quote, in response to the sort of question asked
here by Craig Ferguson about whether he's uncomfortable with being selected as TV's Sexiest Man:

“I find it preposterous. I can see in some ways I am playing a sexy character. The idea of a damaged genius is an interesting, intriguing character, but it has nothing to do with me . . . I think whoever is playing this role would be in the position I am now.” - Hugh Laurie

"Methinks not. And I can think of several additional positions for him. Yes, indeed."
-FF (and my pal BD - She's a fellow fangirl.)

UPDATE: Confirmed in comments below: Shethinks not too. Fortunately, she's in the UK, and I'm on the west coast, so we won't have to mudwrestle for him.


dianne said...

Yes he does have a certain sexual quality about him and another unlikely actor I could mention as well is Damien Lewis. ♡

Casey said...

I'm sorry to have to say this but I don't get what women see in that dude. I tried watching him once and he just annoyed me. Please don't hate me.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Dianne - I'll give you Damien if I can have Hugh.

Casey - that's okay, pal. More for me. ;-)

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

You know I loved Hugh Laurie long before we met.

We can still be friends, right?

Fantastic Forrest said...

I would never let a man come between us, Lisa.

Especially since he already belongs to his wife. Dang! ;-)

Rachel Fox said...

I don't think British women find him sexy particularly (though I may be wrong). I know he has an American accent in House but he's still Englishness personified, isn't he?

My brother used to go and work at Camp America and he always said one word in an English accent worked wonders on women on the other side of the Atlantic!


themom said...

When HOUSE veers off course and says something hurtful or insane on the show, I just picture him as the father in Stuart Little!! Have to love perspective.

Sarah Laurence said...

I love Hugh Laurie's acting - he's completely convincing as an American although he's a Brit. I really enjoyed his Bertie from PG Wodehouse. I only watched House a few times and thought the way his character treated women was sexist not sexy. I do like Laurie's response -thanks for sharing it.

I hope your writing is going well.

Bee said...

Methinks definitely not! I can't imagine anyone else giving quite the same intelligent/snarky edge to those lines. And then there are those moments when he is truly humane and noble . . .


That's all.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Rachel - it's funny about that. Am mystified about the first half, but agree with the second. Clearly at least one British woman finds him sexy - his lucky wife, Jo. :-)

themom - Can you believe it? I haven't seen Stuart Little! But I think I've seen 'most everything else - loved Jeeves and Wooster, Fry and Laurie, Fortysomething, The Girl From Rio... the list goes on.

Sarah - yet he is very self-critical about his skill nailing the accent. I think self-deprecation is sexy. He has perfected that! You need to check out youtube for a fan-created vid of his Bertie clips set to "White and Nerdy" by Weird Al. Hilarious!

Thanks for asking about my writing. My latest incentive is to get published so that you and Bee can review my work! :)

Bee - well, dear, at least WE women do. Clearly he's not for all of womankind. For that matter, there are some women who don't have much of a sense of humour, so they don't crave it. They are weird. You'll note I've updated my post at the end. :-)

Annie said...

I rarely watch television, but make an exception for "House" and a couple of other shows. I do find Hugh's character appealing and the writing for the show is so damned good.

Jason, as himself said...

Hmmm. I think he's right.