Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Putzing vs. Packing: Gaslighting by Offspring and the Joy of the Interweb

Luggage Art Sculpture, Santiago Airport / Aeropuerto de Santiago, Chile (Dec. 2005)

We're now down to hours (admittedly, a few days' worth) before the departure for our epic adventure.

I should be packing.

I am not.

I am putzing.

In my defense, I am doing useful things whilst putzing.

Washing loads of laundry, some of which I strongly suspect are completely unnecessary because Daring Daughter has a nasty habit of taking the clean clothes I give her to put away in drawers and hang in her closet and putting them directly into the laundry hamper.

When they are clean. Unworn. Unsullied.

I know, it sounds crazy. But it's the truth. Because she has ADMITTED it. She takes laziness to a whole new level.

To maintain my equilibrium, I have been reading these things:

1. Humorous analysis of the religious underpinnings of the Mark Sanford story.
I couldn't stop giggling. In fact, I laughed so hard I cried. But not for four days. Or in Argentina.

2. The news that, at long last, Al Franken will be seated as Minnesota's senator. It's about f*#@'n time!

3. The Courage Campaign efforts to support Lt. Dan Choi in his fight to continue to serve our country although he is - gasp! - a gay man. Pretty bold, eh? I say he should be thanked for all he's done and allowed to remain in the military. "Don't ask, don't tell" is dumb. It's time to acknowledge the reality that not all men and women are heterosexual and that it's okay. They should not be treated as second class citizens. I encourage you to sign the petition supporting him.

And listening to these:

1. RT and son Teddy performing Persuasion. It is beautiful. I've played it about 10 times in the past two days. It never gets old.

2. Johnny's Far Away from the Sweet Warrior album. I can't find a full rendition online - there's a tiny sample at the Amazon site. You should buy it. It's great. The music sounds like a rollicking old sea shanty. Professor X and Super Son really liked it, but they hadn't paid attention to the lyrics, and they were shocked at how racy and cynical the song is when we heard RT sing it in Santa Cruz. I'd known, because I'd previously listened carefully and found the words amusing in a raise-your-eyebrow kind of way. Remember, I told you RT was like really good bitter dark chocolate. Occasionally, he's surprisingly spicy, infused with chili pepper.

Things which tempt my tongue:


The song begins
Johnny’s joined a ceilidh band, They’re known quite well throughout the land, The Drones The Drones are signed up on a cruise
Then we learn a bit about his faithless wife, and tap our toes to the chorus:
While Johnny’s Far away on the Rolling, Rolling
Johnny’s Far Away On The Rolling Sea
And learn more about what shenanigans he's up to:
Johnny’s cruising out to sea And he believes in chastity - for some The wealthy widows bill and coo He fends off one or two, and then succumbs As they’re turning hard-a-port in the Bahamas He’s turning her right out of her pyjamas He’s turned her every which way to the rhythm of the sea He says, I can’t express myself with my old lady
Poor guy. Sounds like he and Mark Sanford had a lot in common.

3. Professor X on the phone trying to buy a collapsible car top carrier to hold all of our extra junk that won't fit in the back of the vehicle. Four sleeping bags, four pillows, four towels. We are traveling lean and mean, but luggage space is tight. And speaking of luggage....

I guess I need to start packing.

I'd better make sure all my RT CD's make it into the Forrestmobile.


stephanie (bad mom) said...

I like when you're avoiding chores. It not only validates my choices but it's fun & enlightening.

So, you're not hiking the Appalachian Trail during your vacay? heh

Best of luck with the packing but hey - wanna loaf a little with us tomorrow afternoon? :D

Kathy Amen said...

Bon voyage!

Michele Renee said...

So excited for you about your road trip!!!! I hope you post as much as you can!! I loved Mount Rushmore, but also 13 miles away is Crazy Horse. Who is pointing at Custer State Park (and he fought against Custer at Little Big Horn). Mt. Rushmore is cool but so ironic as to whose home really belonged to the Black Hills. If you leave Mt. Rushmore by going up into Rapid City, if you are taking I-90, drop down into the Badlands and see the turn off called Pinnacle.
My family did the Mint in Denver and were in and out in 15 mins and would not do it again. Would spend more time in Boulder as a redo. St. Louis is too far east it sounds for your route but it was an unexpected thrill to be there with all its history and to go up in the Gateway Arch. From there went to KC and from there stayed in Kansas and then to Denver. Does not sound like you are coming to GA but keep us posted!

Bee said...

The sound isn't working on my computer, so I will come back and listen to links later. And btw, putzing is the prelude to packing.

Maybe we should just start hanging up our daughters' "dirty" clothes. Just keep the cycle going. Would save on the water/detergent/effort.

kyooty said...

My boys doo this with laundry too,

Jenn @ youknow... that blog? said...

My daughter does the SAME THING with her clean clothes. Drives me to distraction!! This is why our kids need to learn how to do their own laundry. On a schedule. Our schedule. Under supervision. CLOSE supervision.

Can you tell it irks me to no end??

Hope you have an awesome vacation!!

Becky said...

That is a truly epic itinerary! Have a fabulous time!

And somewhere I read that someone's mom used to make them pack their oldest playclothes for vacations, and then they would leave the dirty clothes behind in motels. They arrived home with empty suitcases and nothing to unpack. Maybe wasteful, but when I think about tackling post-trip laundry, it starts to make sense.

lisleman said...

thanks for the intro to RT - good voice and guitar.

I hate packing - one of the worst parts of trip for me. Always wondering what I'm going to forget.

How often do they show packing and dragging suitcases around in the movies? It's not exciting.

Fantastic Forrest said...

lisleman, you are so wrong! Packing and dragging suitcases is the whole plot of one of my fave movies - What's Up, Doc? with Barbra Streisand and Ryan O'Neal. If you haven't seen it, you must do so immediately.