Saturday, July 10, 2010


Have you ever really wanted to do something, but then decided that you didn't want to do it after all? And then you worry that your friends will think you are a complete and total flake and idiot and they won't want to be your friends anymore?

Of course, I'm totally just speaking hypothetically here.

See, I have a friend - we'll call her Spamtastic Sorryass - who saw a really nice desk and file cabinet that her friend's late father had owned, and thought "Wow, that would be great in my home!" So when she learned it would be part of the estate sale, she said "Oh, I definitely want that!" And she even wrote out a check for it. But then she realized that she didn't NEED the desk, she just WANTED the desk. She needed a bunch of other things instead. And she didn't even really have room for the desk. So she felt totally foolish. And she quickly called the estate sales person and asked that the desk be put back into the sale. And then she prayed that someone else would buy the desk. And now she is awake at half past midnight, freaking out that her friend will think she is a total spaz because she kept saying how much she wanted the desk previously.

What a pitiful person. Ha ha ha! Good thing this is just a hypothetical situation, right? It would totally suck to be stupid like that.

Yeah, it sure would.


Dave King said...

Yup, been there, done that -hypothetically, of course!

Shana said...

OK, this might, just *might*, be a tiny red flag that your estate/garage/thrift sale shopping is getting a tad wee bit out of your control. Just saying.

Stu said...

Your friend does sound sort of flaky but I bet if they made the other friend dinner, that would be fine.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Dave - it is good to know that others have been as foolish as I - er, my friend. My hypothetical example friend, I mean.

Shana - oh, yes. Henceforth, I will have a shopping list of NEEDS and gird my loins against the WANTS.

Stu - muchas gracias, amigo. How relieved I am to get this shot at redemption! Henceforth, the only thing flaky between us will be the tamales.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Y'all make me giggle.

lisleman said...

Hmm FF, SS, - I do see a pattern.
Could you not just do a little "white" lie and say that the desk doesn't fit the space you thought it would?

Lisa said...

Oh, bless your friend's heart. Mexican food fixes a lot of things, I hear.