Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wall of Separation or Good Neighbor Fence?

Whilst looking for the perfect illustration, I found this at

Hello Internets!

I need to get to bed, but I wanted to check in with you to see what you think about the concept of the wall of separation between church and state. It seems to be a hot button topic these days, but usually comes up pretty regularly at this time of year because of Christmas displays in public places and celebrations in schools.

I have my own stories and thoughts to share, but I thought I'd ask you for yours first. Please comment! I'm going to be teaching a Mature Learning college course on the Wall of Separation in January, so I'm eager to mooch off your experiences and mighty brains.

Bonus points if you also share your favorite holiday memory/film/song!
Note that I say "also" - be sure to answer the main question first!!


Mrs. Chili said...

I could (and probably SHOULD) write a whole post about this.

I think that the separation of Church and State is VITAL, and becoming even MORE important with the resurgence of evangelical groups in our country.

My issues with religion in general aside, I have no problem with someone's spirituality informing their choices. Notice I said THEIR choices; I don't want their spirituality informing (or, even better, forcing) MY choices. We should be equal under the law, and having some lawmaker's religion tell ME who (or whether) I can marry or what I can or can't do with my own body doesn't sit well with me.

I have an evangelical Christian student this year. He was in my class last year, too, and I love him because he's finally beginning to see that there's more than one way to approach an issue. He's recognizing that his church is telling him things about certain people that he's finding out (in school) may not be true, and he's willing to consider the possibility that he may be limiting himself because of what he's willing to believe without question. THAT"S what education is about, and he's geeking me right out.

For my bonus points, I'd like to submit Patrick Stewart's A Christmas Carol. LOVE that man, love that story, and the film did Dickens some beautiful justice.

Stu said...

Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story are the best movies.

On Church and State, I'll have to think on that.


lisleman said...

The separation between church and state is very important but I don't see a problem with Hanukkah, Christmas, or Islamic symbols being displayed. I have a problem with laws based completely on a religion. However, I do think many of our laws come from Christian and Jewish laws. There needs to be the right balance and finding the balance is not easy but it's not found with extremists of any type.
I don't think there is a war on Christmas as the cartoon suggests.

yogurt said...

Major proponent of separation. As the current political climate so handily illustrates, it's a very necessary precaution to prevent the majority religion from dictating to the rest of us.

Favorite holiday song: Hard Candy Christmas sung by Dolly Parton. I'm a sucker for that song, ha.

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