Monday, March 16, 2009

Post Live Wire! Action: Lovin' Me Some Dan Savage

This weekend, I had the pleasure of going to the 5th anniversary show of Live Wire! Radio. Such goodness! The family and I enjoyed some wonderful music from Stephanie Schneiderman, Storm Large and the Asylum Street Spankers. We laughed our lips off at Faces for Radio Theater's wonderful sketches. Host Courtenay Hameister, Musician Ralph Huntley, Siren of Sound Pat Janowski and amazingly funny performers Tyler Hughs, Sean McGrath, Patricia Ferguson and Jonpaul McLellan are worth the price of admission alone.

We've gone to Live Wire! many times, so we're officially classified as cocky veterans. We brought our friends Stu and Stephanie for their first experience; judging from their frequent laughter, it won't be their last.

We learned about How's Your News from a very lovely young man, Arthur Bradford. My beloved friend Badmom and I entertained a few fun fantasies about him, but I was a little uneasy because I thought he was pretty young, only in his early twenties. I was stunned upon arriving home to read that he was born in 1969.

Arthur, I'm waiting!

Just joking. Turns out he's married.

I was a little nervous about the interview with Dan Savage, sex columnist for Seattle's paper The Stranger. His Savage Love column can get a tad explicit at times, and my Amazing Girl Child is, well, a child. But I'd figured his comments would have to be tame enough for public radio. Of course, there was the possibility that some bits might need to be outtakes! I needn't have worried. Turns out Savage had brought his own son to the show, so he wasn't about to say anything too racy.

Although the interview was fun, being the political animal I am, I was unsatisfied because there weren't many substantive questions about political issues. And the show had billed Savage as Stephen Colbert's "Spokesgay" so I was expecting some discussion about Prop. 8 and maybe even an assessment of the Obama administration's policy direction. Fortunately, Live Wire! provided the link to Savage's most recent appearance on The Colbert Report.


I'd say "Dan, I'm waiting!" but he's married too. Dang.


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Um. So are you, silly. I don't know if you & Mrs. Badmom should be on the prowl.


(Kidding. Far be it from me to get in the way of your fun.)

Fantastic Forrest said...

Lisa - I actually think the fact that he's gay may be an even greater deterrent to a sweaty relationship than my marriage. Like, he wouldn't be interested in me....

Then again, I can still love him for his mind. Is that intellectual adultery? Must ponder this.

Not to worry. I would never act on the - as Jimmy Carter so eloquently put it - lust in my heart. My marriage vows are safe from breakage.

Lisa said...

Once again I just think you guys get to do the coolest things! I love Dan Savage's appearances on Real Time with Bill Maher, too.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Lisa - yes, we live lives of great fun-ness. If you come to visit, we must time it so that you can go to Live Wire!

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