Sunday, March 22, 2009

Special Recognition for a Young Friend

This evening, I want to recognize a special young woman who has recently begun blogging.

Her name is Princess Blogsalot, and she loves to write. She is quite young, and she doesn't always mind her capitalization or spelling or punctuation. But she has fun adventures and holds very strong opinions for such a small person.

Her mother has allowed her to blog as long as she retains her anonymity. Privacy is important.

Princess Blogsalot is a fearless girl. She takes on any new challenge with enthusiasm. She assumes that everyone would like to be her friend, and although every once in a while, she hits a speed bump on that road, she mostly travels merrily along.

Did I mention she loves to write? I want to encourage her efforts. So I hereby award her the Lemonade Stand Award. Like good lemonade, she is slightly tart, but also sweet. Just as a lemonade stand proprietor does, she makes her product herself and offers it to others for a reasonable price - a few moments of their time to read what's on her mind.

I encourage you to visit her. Buckle your seat belt to safely head out and go here!

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