Friday, November 13, 2009

Heading for No. 221B Baker Street

This weekend, Professor X and I will be attending a meeting of The Noble and Most Singular Order of the Blue Carbuncle, the Portland chapter of an international society of Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts.

I've always loved Arthur Conan Doyle's stories of the eccentric, brilliant detective and his companion Dr. Watson. My first introduction to the tales was through the movies from the late 1930's to mid 1940's. Sunday afternoon at our house in the late 1960's/early 1970's found me glued to the black and white television, fascinated by Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. I was back in time, watching a skilled detective solve mysteries. Bliss.

It was only several years later that I realized the films had moved Holmes forward in time. He was battling Nazis instead of living during Victorian times. But it didn't matter. I still loved him.

It took me a long time to warm up to the next Holmes I saw, Jeremy Brett. Finally, I caved. He was really good. I became aware of how many literary references Holmes made, including adapting Shakespeare lines to his own circumstances. A sure way to my heart.

The newest Holmes, due out December 25, warms a different body part. He's physical, he's sexual, he's Robert Downey, Jr. I'm sure I will adore this iteration.

If you've read my blog for any time at all, you know that I'm a big House fan.

No, not like this:

Like this:

I'm always amazed when I find people who haven't made the connections between Hugh Laurie's character and Sherlock Holmes. It's one of the most fun things about the show.

Now we have a chance to join a group of Holmes' fans. We'll have to bone up on the stories and pass a test to be inducted. I wonder what they think about the new movie. Check out this article to see the sorts of wild and fun things these people do.


Barry said...

I'm a big Holmes fan as well and have read (and reread) all the novels and short stories.

I found the previews of the new Robert Downey movie hilarious and I'm sure I will like the movie, but I'm not certain I can "buy" him as Holmes. If you are going to change the character so much, why retain the name? However I will wait and see.

I knew about the House/Holmes connection but didn't know about the number of his house.

I really enjoyed this post.

Becky said...

That sounds so completely awesome. I love the Holmes stories. I swear, rereading them got me through the insanity of getting up at night with a newborn. Have fun!

stephanie (bad mom) said...

You are a far better individual than I; I've never [don't hurt me] read a Sherlock Holmes story and would be terrified to attempt joining a club that made me pass a test first. (That seems a particularly sad statement from a teacher, I suppose).

But I will certainly accompany you to see RDJr be saucy & such.

Shana said...

Have a geek-tastic time! xoxo

mommapolitico said...

What a great adventure! Have a blast, and take many pictures to share! It says a great deal about the books that they are still a welcomed read today. When do you depart?

Fantastic Forrest said...

Thanks, Barry!

Becky, you were able to read with a newborn? We were so sleep deprived, we just hallucinated for entertainment.

Stephanie, your education has been sorely neglected. Conan Doyle is a great writer, and the stories are REALLY short. It's the test that clinched it for me - I really love being a student at heart. Can't wait to be saucy with you.

Shana - we did!

Mommapolitico, we just went to the local Portland chapter meeting. We have five meetings and the test and a presentation to do before we are inducted. But sometime soon I hope we get to go back to England.

lisleman said...

I have only seen movies and TV references to the character.
The stories are a type of puzzle - right?

Fantastic Forrest said...

lisleman! Are you joking me?! We're talking Sherlock Holmes, man! The greatest deductive mind in history. The detective by whom all others are measured. Get thee to a library. :-)

Jason, as himself said...

Ha! Good one about the house fan.

And if it is a sexual Robert Downey Jr. Holmes, I'm in. IN!

Grace said...

Well, my favorite detective is Rick Simon from SIMON & SIMON. LOL!
(He was the tall, dark, and handsome one.)
But, I DO watch HOUSE and I ADORE
Hugh Laurie. ADORE!!

A Tired Wife said...

House/Holmes ... Heeeeeyyyyyy. You got me with that one!

Bee said...

Can't wait to chat about the new film. I plan on being in the cinema for most of December/January.

Having said that, like Stephanie, I've never read any ACD either. And I call myself a Victorian!

Emm said...

I lvoe everything about Sherlock Holmes too! Can't wait for the film.

I must make my way to the Sherlock Holmes Museum one day.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Jason - Humph. He is not just a pretty face, man. I love him for his MIND. But he's happily married, so I don't think either of us have much of a chance.

Grace - Simon and Simon was a fun show, and I also liked Gerald McRaney. But there's not much dark hair on his head anymore... :)

A Tired Wife - INDEED, my friend!

Bee - tsk, tsk. Read one of the Holmes short stories right now and tell me what you think!

Emm - when I come to England next, we should visit it together.

Emm said...

Why Holly, when you come to England, i shall make myself available for the duration of your stay and shall be on your beck and call as a personal tour guide.