Saturday, December 26, 2009

More Delicious Than Any Christmas Cookie

Just returned from the cinema, where I and two BFF's watched the new Sherlock Holmes.

Exciting plot.
Beautifully photographed film.
Scrumptious lead actor.

It's a whole new view of Holmes and Watson that incorporates the best of Arthur Conan Doyle's writing with an edge-of-your-seat filmmaking style. I loved every second, including the beautiful artwork of the closing credits.

I'll be going back tomorrow for another look.

And probably several more times before it leaves the cinema.

For a couple of hours, I was able to imagine myself in Victorian England.

RD Jr. can serenade me any time.


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Ooh, I am so ready to see this one. I'm not sure if today works yet, but soon my dear, I plan to take in this treat. :)

Petrichor said...

I must be out of the loop, as I hadn't even heard about this film. Robert Downey Jr. is pretty fucking gorgeous, though, isn't he? It's funny because I never used to find him particularly handsome, but he has definitely improved with age. He was too much of a pretty boy before, but the drugs and hard-living must have given him an edge. It's annoying because if a woman were to go down that route (think Marianne Faithfull), she would just get described as being a wrinkled old crone.

Wow, wait a minute...Just googled Mr Downey Jr, and it turns out he's a fucking Republican! What the fuck?!

Kathy Amen said...

I'm glad to hear you liked this. It looks really intriguing but I'd heard some luke-warm buzz. However, I will take your recommendation in hand and see it soon.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Lisa - name the date and time. It will take me a few viewings to be sated. And we may need to catch it in second run at McMenamins as well.

Petrichor - la la la I'm not listening. Besides, I don't intend to engage in political debates with him, just pillow talk. Heh. Actually, the news is consolation for the fact that I'm never likely to be intimate with RD Jr.

As for the wrinkled old crone thing, is not fair.

Kathy - I think those who are giving it poor reviews are too critical. It's splendid, really.

bARE-eYED sUN said...

THAT good, eh.

we were so much hoping that SOMEONE would come back with a good review, 'cause we like Downey's acting,
and we're fans of Holmes (of a sort).

but, we needed to be reassured that it wasn't just an Action hack job on an old classic.

if you're going back multiple times that's good enough for us.

we're on our way.

hey, happy new Year!


dianne said...

Looking forward to this film myself Holly, I have quite a few on my 'must see' list.
Yes it would be lovely to imagine ones self in Victorian England if you were well connected and not poor...Robert Downey junior always deliverd a great performance and yes he is very cute. ♡

stephanie (bad mom) said...

You know what I think I liked the most about the whole experience? (Besides the fab company and ottoman for my sad foot)

It felt like Robert Downey Jr was finally feeling satisfied and delighted with himself as a grown-up actor. And that is fantastically sexy.

But I'll settle for Jude's Dr. Watson so I don't have to fight you. :D

mommapolitico said...

Thanks for the review. And Downey has grown up to be a cutie! But a Rethug? I heard Rob Lowe is, too...very sad. And they both seemed so smart!

Bee said...

I'm going to see this tomorrow! Your gushing review made me even more excited about it.

p.s. LOVED the Snow list. And as you might imagine, we did leave a few (ahem) of those out of our impromptu sing-along.

phd in yogurtry said...

Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law? What am I waiting for?!

Oh but wait, RD Jr a Republican ? WTF is right?! He must not be familiar with Rush Limpball's zero tolerance - go straight to prison - approach to substance abuse, except when it's his own drug abuse, of course.

Miss Healthypants said...

I've heard a couple of people say that it's a really good movie. My hubby & I got an AMC gift card for Christmas, so MAYBE we'll go see it. I've also heard that Avitar is really good. Decisions, decisions! :)

Merry Belated Christmas, by the way! And Happy New Year to you! :)

Bee said...

Oh, I loved it, too. Downey Jr. is masterful.