Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Slightly pensive but still scrumptious

My heart goes pitty pat. He really is not that much younger than me.

When I was in college, I was quite disapproving of the behavior of my various roommates who played the same song over and over incessantly.

When I became a parent, I quickly grew resigned to the fact that my spawn would play the same video again and again nonstop.

But now that I am a (mostly) mature, well-rounded woman, I recognize there is nothing strange about watching a DVD eleven times in a three day period.

Not when it features Jason Bourne.

What took me so long to discover these films?!

Put that paper down and come to bed, honey.


Emm said...

Oh, I love that I am not the only person prone to obsession. I discovered a band when I visited Serbia and I have only gone and listened to their songs 697 times since I bought the albums three weeks ago.

That is why I like sites like which will monitor the plays on my iPod and log my obsessions - no cool sites like that for films, is there??

I like Matt Damon too. I thought he was great in Invictus.

Mrs. Chili said...

Mmm, hmmm. Yum.

I was bothered by the last movie, though; the intense close-ups of the chase and fight scenes left me feeling slightly carsick.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Naughty, naughty Mrs. Forrest.

We did partake of a little Damon in Departed on our flight home.

And a little Wahlberg. And a little DiCaprio. Win win win.

[And enough violence to keep Greg engaged too. :)]

Rachel said...

I think a little healthy obsession is good for us. I can't say I understand the psychology of my Robbie Williams obsession. All I know is that when I see him sing or see a picture of him it makes my day a little better and brings a smile to my face. Oh, and if you don't know who Robbie Williams is you're missing out!

kyooty said...

Question? who?

Fantastic Forrest said...

Emm - I would be happy if I could just find a way to easily catalog all the films we own. Are there any sites where one can find a list of all the movies ever and click on those one owns? You know things about the interwebs, so I figure you should know this.

Mrs. Chili - I haven't seen number 3 yet; it arrives in the mail this Friday. Squee!

Lisa - You had quite the adventure in the air! I still need to see Departed.

Rachel - Your Robbie W. is my Richard Thompson - I can never get enough.

Kyooty - Never you mind. He's all for me. (It's Matt Damon, who, sadly, is happily married.)

Stu said...

I see why you and my Cougar wife get along so well :)


lisleman said...

One of the best facebook fan pages I ever joined (not that I even joined many at all) was Sheryl Crow's page. I really like checking out the behind the scenes pictures.
Fantasy can be fun.

lisleman said...

oh I just read a question in your comment - I don't know the name but there's some application that can take use a picture of the bar code and create a catalog. Search around for bar code scanning applications.

yogurt said...

you can come obsess with me anytime :)

Miss Healthypants said...

I LOVE the Bourne movies! :) And yes, Matt Damon is YUMMY! *smiles*