Thursday, August 5, 2010

One Fine Day aka Magic Bus

Because I am feeling slightly pooped très fatigué this evening - whoops, this morning (it is now 12:05 am) - I am going to rely on my exceptionally talented writer friend Bad Mom to share the deets of the early part of our day together.

Please go over here to enjoy her wonderful text and photos.

More later. Because she left out a ton of good stuff. She must be très fatigué aussi.



stephanie (bad mom) said...

First, thank you, dear friend - again for the marvelous lunch and the compliments and for the link - but what did I leave out??

I can be so insecure.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Movie Madness - all the wonderful memorabilia! :-)

Also Guillaume and the hard choice....


Lisa said...


kyooty said...

Oh cool beans!!!

Stu said...

Hey, let's get back on the horse Forrest. You have had almost 5 days to recover and give us the missing details.