Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stormy Weather

Warning: This might be sort of confusing unless you click the links as you go along. So click the links, people!

There's a storm gathering.

And my second husband has spoken about it.

He has parodied it.


Because that is how he does things.

Apparently some people don't get that he is a satirist. A really good one. Or maybe I just have my liberal goggles on when I look at him. Rrowr! He looks very good to moi.

There are lots of other people who've done parodies of the storm ad.

Like this, I really love it, don't you? or this, or even this!

And a bunch who've commented on the whole deal.

Human Rights Campaign has a great website that talks about this. It also has material here which uncovers the lies of NOM.

Rachel Maddow did a couple of pieces on the ad; they are combined in one clip at youtube. But it looks like youtube is pulling a lot of these videos at NOM's request, so you might need to go to Maddow's site. It's kind of tough to search, though, so check the one clip link I provide above first.

Huffington Post has a ton of stuff about the issue and Stephen's parody here. There are links to blogs, comments, and - yes! - another parody, entitled A Shitstorm of Intolerance.

Come back tomorrow and I'll talk about why it really bothers me that groups like NOM exist.

Meanwhile, I'll bet you're thinking "FF, this is a total ripoff. I clicked on this post from someone's blogroll because I thought I'd get to see Lena Horne singing Stormy Weather."

I hate to disappoint you, my darlings. Here's Lena.

I'm going to scroll back up and look at Stephen some more. He is particularly adorable in that shot.


Mrs. Chili said...

I've been enjoying making fun of those ridiculous ads. I really do think (or, rather, I desperately HOPE) that they are representative of the last gasp of ignorant bigotry.

The Grandpa said...

Thanks for the links. Nice post, and Stephen was funny.

Annie said...

I wasn't aware of NOM (I rarely watch T.V.) Thanks for the warning. I loved Second Husband's parody. Great post.

Bee said...

I got cheated out of my Stephen clip! (No sharing with Great Britain? Is this fair?) BTW, if SC is your 2nd husband, where does Hugh Laurie rank?

You gotta love America . . . so crazy, and yet so funny, too.

P.S. Sorry I've been AWOL so long. I'm back in the saddle again.

Anonymous said...

The ad is appalling. As is NOM. By the way, my 12-year-ld son came home and told me, with great dismay, that he had classmates who were convinced Colbert is actually a conservative. He said the same thing, "Don't they understand satire??"

Monkey Girl said...

Very funny.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Mrs. Chili - I share your hope. But I am afraid it will be a while.

Grandpa - You're welcome! Yes, he always makes me laugh.

Annie - I hadn't seen it on TV either. I get most all my news from the web. Glad you had fun with SC.

Bee - You're kidding! That stinks. You can't access hulu or the Colbert Report from GB?
Hugh boyfriend? I hate having to pick between the two.
Apology accepted. Glad you are back.

citizen of the world - YES. My post the day after this one shows why NOM are totally evil. And it's fascinating about the failure to get satire. That is fodder for a future post.

Monkey Girl - if there's one thing we liberals are good at, it's the funny. :)