Sunday, September 13, 2009

Men Behaving Badly


Click their pic if you're unaware of their special acts of stupidity.

There is someone else I'd like to include here, but I cling to the hope that he will reconsider his recent insane behavior and revert to being the loving husband he was not so very long ago. Sadly, his action of leaving my friend his wife is far more serious than anything Wilson, West or Jordan have done. I open my computer and read the featured news story on yahoo each day, but it is all pretty far removed from my life. The joys and sorrows of my family and friends are much more important to me.

What would life be like if an average person's actions were publicized the way that celebrities' are? I'm reminded of Hawthorne's magnum opus. Would people think twice before acting if they were subject to public shaming? My children and I watched Pride and Prejudice last night, and I had to explain the import of Lydia and Wickham's scandalous behavior. The norms now are so different. So many unmarried couples have children, there are so many divorces after so many people cheat...

I hope my own children have happy, loving marriages. I hope they will continue to work on their relationships to keep them strong. And I hope my friend will find peace and happiness, however things turn out.


stephanie (bad mom) said...

It's like there is special crazy gas in the air that only men are breathing these days.

See you this afternoon?

Barry said...

Sadly, public shaming doesn't seem to have improved the behavior of celebrities.

If anything, they seem to thrive on it.

Hope your friend's husband comes to his senses!

La Belette Rouge said...

I was forced(at the in-laws) to watch Fox Noise and Joe Wilson was on and acting like a victim. It took all my strength:
1. To not break the TV
2. To prevent my head from exploding.
3. To not yell at my in-laws for being stupid enough to watch Fox Noise.

I hope that your friend's husband comes to his senses. If not, let's sew him up a Scarlet Letter.

Becky said...

I am sorry this is happening to your friend.

And those are some grade A jerkwads right there. Kanye needs to practice that "count 10 before speaking" rule.

A Tired Wife said...

12 years or so ago, I watched my 'family' dissolve ... at least that's how I felt at the time. My kids and I, we're a family and we're one that will never dissolve.

Since then, I fell in love again (although I promised myself I wouldn't) and I've been happier than ever.

Sometimes the hell that we go through today brings us to the wonderful place we need to be tomorrow.

phd in yogurtry said...

To show what an egalitarian (and spoilsport) I truly am, I must add one woman to the list: Serena. Ok, so the line judge called a foot fault, but "I'm shoving this effing ball down your effing throat" ?? Whoah. She's got some of her daddy in her, afterall.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

It's no secret how I feel.

I hate feeling so damn helpless.

Bee said...

What were they thinking?