Friday, September 11, 2009

Rockin' it out on health care reform

One of my favorite parts of the Smithsonian American History Museum is their collection of popular culture political protest songs. Here's a suggestion for an addition. This guy is awesome!


La Belette Rouge said...

I hope that the motto "We are #37!" takes off. A little dose of reality would do this country good.

threadingwater said...

This is great. I totally stole this youtube for my site. Thanks for posting.

A Tired Wife said...

Love it! Especially the card with the, what now seems to be SO old and routine ... the over-exaggerated, bald-faced lies, and other propagandist catch phrases that are out there. Death panel. Give me a flippin break.

It cracks me up how people think we'll now have to pay for those who can't afford insurance. What in the world do they think we are doing now? We are funding medical assistance. We are paying higher hospital bills because hospitals can't turn away those without insurance - so the ER is filled with people who have a COLD or a SORE THROAT. Come on ... wouldn't you rather "pay" a $50 office visit for those sort of illnesses instead of a $1000 emergency room bill.

And ... I had the pleasure of using the health care system in New Zealand years ago. I was not a citizen ... was able to get an appointment and see the doctor much faster than you could here ... he spent quite a lot of time with me (so much so that my husband was getting worried why I was back there so long) and then the doctor apologized for having to charge me FIVE dollars. From there I went to the pharmacy where I picked up my prescription for only a couple of dollars.

And as the mother of a child who is now a cancer survivor ... I know the worry of "pre-existing conditions." I know the stress of him leaving his job to have chemotherapy and recover only to have to rush back in order to meet a deadline which would allow him to use the COBRA option to continue to pay his insurance out of pocket. I know the stress of him having to find work and worry about whether the new insurance would exclude any coverage due to his pre-existing condition.

Grrr - this battle just infuriates me.

Rant over. *blush*

A Tired Wife said...

Ha Ha ... go check out Blissfully Caffeinated ...

Bee said...

I've watched this a couple of times. Hilarious and sad, all at the same time.

I'm sending this one to Sig.