Monday, January 26, 2009

Come Out of the Closet and Comment!!

What better way to celebrate Monday than to talk about a French film? Ooh la la! I am so exotic I amaze myself.

Le Placard (The Closet)
is my choice to explore the social justice issue of gay rights. I'll confess, when I began looking for films for my class, I first thought of Philadelphia. But that is such a sad movie. I wanted something lighter. There's lots of heavy stuff to talk about relating to gay rights after this most recent election. Proposition 8 and other measures like the one in Arkansas restricting adoption provide plenty of fodder. I look forward to your discussion questions!

Here's the trailer.

As a special bonus, just because I love you so much, I'm sharing Prop. 8 The Musical. I would just like to go on record here that I will forevermore think of Jack Black as my personal savior. Rrowr! That man makes me happy.

PS I'm astounded that yesterday's post didn't elicit scores of insightful questions. I can only assume that everyone but me took Sunday off from blogworld. So when you're done reading today's call for questions, please hie thee thither and pour forth your wisdom.


Ms. B1tch is tired tired tired...(and very hungry said...

This is very strange! For Ms B was taling "French" in her post today! Wait - have you been with Gordan? Oh wait - he's not french...hmmm....

Well - Ms B says Hellooooo! Le-helloooooo

Kathryn Magendie said...

Just that look on JB face cracks me up -- I'll look at the videos!

Zefrog said...

Le Placard?! Of all the films you could have chosen, why this one?!

It's not only not very good, it is also full of clichés.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Ooh! My first comment from a real French person. This is so exciting. And you didn't even finish your Twix bar before you came over to visit. ;-)

Darling Zefrog, I do know what you mean. But I was dying to screen a French film to show how utterly sophisticated I am. I'm guessing most of the class has seen Philadelphia and Milk, and I wanted to give them something new. Hey, at least it wasn't I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Throw me a bone here! No, not that kind of bone.

I'm all ears if you're willing to suggest some discussion questions. Don't worry about Le Placard - we probably won't talk very much about it versus tackling the issue of gay rights....

Zefrog said...

the film laughing at gay people under the pretense of laughing with them.

If you want a French film, try:
- Ma Vie en Rose
- Ma Vrai Vie a Rouen
- Presque Rien
- Les Roseaux Sauvages
- Le Clan

there are loads of good films don't chose a bad one.

(is the bone big enough?)

Fantastic Forrest said...

That is indeed a mighty big bone you have chosen to pick with my movie choice. And your reply is loaded with meaty suggestions.

Sorry. I couldn't resist.

I DO take your criticisms seriously. And I appreciate your suggestions for other films. I will absolutely look into those for the future. Thanks for the list.

Truly, your contention that the film laughs at gay people seems harsh. The reviews I'd read, and the impression I had after watching it, was different. I agreed with what one reviewer said:

The Closet makes no claims to show what gayness "is," but rather how it functions socially and politically, how it is interpreted and understood by non-gay people, and how that function is not produced by a singular or individual act but through the subjective interactions of all of "our" communities.

The rest of his comments can be found at in case you're interested.

I'm still hoping you will suggest some discussion questions. Forget about which film I show. What would you say to stimulate discussion of the issue?