Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Future of Mankind According to Disney

The kids are wrapping up their Christmas break this afternoon, watching Wall•e. We'd seen it in the theatre and all thoroughly enjoyed it, but being my children, one viewing was not enough. So the DVD was under our tree. I see it as a great tale of the power of love and friendship, taking a stand against something wrong.

I should have known that my perception was all wrong - at least according to the Half Blood Sibling. Yes, he's conservative and mocks my environmentalism, but surely this little flick wasn't a threat to his world. Yet it's banned in his house for the unforgivable sin of portraying humans as flawed and elevating the act of restoring and protecting nature. Whatever.

I was curious to know what others thought, so I checked out a review on Christianity Today. Josh Hurst's analysis reassured me that I wasn't going to burn in hell for liking the film (although all the other bad things I've done may well qualify me). Hurst writes: "And it is absolutely not a political movie, no matter how hard a small faction of political bloggers might try to pin it as one. Yes, it has a message about the environment—take care of it. And yes, it has a message about capitalism—too much of it can be sinful. These aren't political points; they're very basic moral ones, and no rational Christian has any grounds on which to object to them."

Yeah, what he said.


Shana said...

We haven't seen Wall-e. If Miley Cyrus isn't doing the voice-over, my girl isn't interested. How sad is that?

Shana said...

PS: I absolutely love the name half blood sibling. You crack me up.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

I haven't yet seen "Wall-E" either but it cannot possibly be more ridiculously eco-freaky as the fricking "Happening." I wanted to love that movie because it stars my second husband and I am essentially a pretty green girl, but even Mark's presence couldn't save the crazy...

Have I digressed?