Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Frosty Morning in Many Places

An exciting moment here at TTTaS! (Hmm, if you say the acronym for this blog's name, it almost sounds like titties. I never noticed that before.)
There are 10 Followers! Time for the Dance of Joy.

Our latest Fellow Traveler (ooh, that phrase is one I will have to come back to sometime soon - ripe with possibility) is Bee Drunken from - drumroll, please - jolly old England! More Dance of Joy. Scroll back up to the clip. I'm not posting it again.

Not that I don't treasure each and every one of you equally, regardless of your location, but I have a special little place in my heart for all things British.

This morning was super frosty. Professor X returned to the house with a look of terror. "Have you seen the ice scraper?" Amazing Girl Child rushed out and sped back in clutching an icy leaf. "Can we keep this in the freezer? Isn't it cool? Get it, Mom? COOL?" I was so proud at her brilliant, following-in-my-footsteps-of-making-puns behavior that I said yes. I marveled at the sparkling iciness outside, went back in, and made a hot cup of peppermint tea.

The incredible thing is, so did a lot of other people. I can imagine this went on at Bee Drunken's house as well. Check out her very cool English house:
(Oh! I made the same brilliant pun as AGC because, LOOK! her house is covered with frost. I amaze myself.)
Seriously, isn't it just gorgeous? I am so jealous. It is old and lovely and in Britain.

BD's house reminds me of this Totally Awesome Place we stayed when we visited Stratford-Upon-Avon in Dec. 2005- Jan. 2006. It was called Imogen's Cottage, this wonderful thatched roof cottage in the village of Welford-Upon-Avon. But now I can't find it online to show you! Ack! I will look in my photo album. Double Ack! There are a bunch of blank spaces. What does this mean? Is this place like Brigadoon? Has it disappeared utterly? Did I hallucinate the whole thing? Tell me if you can find any mention of it anywhere in your travels through the internet.

Meanwhile, I will share a treasured family photo of us someplace else. Amazing Children and I are in front of one of the Shakespeare Houses. This is Anne Hathaway's Cottage. Sadly, Professor X is not in the picture. But wait! If you look carefully, you can see the shadow of him taking the picture to the left of the happy threesome. Aren't you lucky? A shot of FOUR Fantastic Forrests.
If you like, you may do the Dance of Joy.

I yearn to go back to wonderful England. I have great hope that this will happen in two years. Meanwhile, I'll read about Bee Drunken's adventures there. And I'll enjoy the thought that we are all sharing the Dance of Joy together on this day, whether our morning was frosty or not.

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Bee said...

So, FF, exactly WHERE are you doing the Dance of Joy?

I have a good friend who lives outside of Stratford in a village called Fenny Compton. (Don't the English do a fine line in twee village names?) She has an unbelievably picturesque thatched house. I'll try to snag a pic for you sometime. Meanwhile, I've posted more English-ness for viewing pleasure!