Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Meme Stops Here

Hugh Laurie's character House is addicted to Vicodin.

I am addicted to Hugh Laurie.

My brain is growing so much since I began my journey in the blogosphere! It has to make room to hold all the incredible new things I'm picking up along the way. Those I follow drop little gems of wisdom that amaze and delight me.

Today, I'm writing on assignment. Contain your sense of wonder. Yes, I know you thought I couldn't handle direction. (Even though I am an excellent traveler. Get it? Direction? Like in being directed to do something, but also the points on the compass. Ha ha ha. I make such funny jokes.)
I've been hit with a meme. You seasoned travelers of blogland undoubtedly know what this means, but for anyone who doesn't, (like me, six minutes ago) I will tell all. Or at least some.
My exhaustive research led me here, The Daily Meme. It's an interesting place, and you should go there. But don't depart until you're done reading my post du jour. Essentially, it defines meme thusly: In the context of web logs / 'blogs / blogging and other kinds of personal web sites it's some kind of list of questions that you saw somewhere else and you decided to answer the questions.

Except I did not just decide to answer this question. It was delibrerately assigned to me. The very humourous and lovely Shana at So Not Zen tagged me and four other bloggers to write about this meme. This is a great honour. She charmed me by referring to me as one of her "happy hour homegirls."

So without further ado, The Meme phrased by Shana:
The rules are list five things that I am addicted to and then pass it on to five more blogs.

1. Travel. I really like to go places. Getting there is half the fun. (Cliche du jour!) Just the thought of making a trip somewhere gets my heart to go pitty pat. I think I'll go plan a trip as soon as I'm done with this.

2. History. I suppose this is connected to #1, because I prefer to actually visit historical sites rather than just read about them. My friend Stephanie gets this. We spent three and a half hours chatting, eating coffee and croissants yesterday. I wish you could have seen how dreamy-eyed she got while recounting her visits to places in Paris and London where famous writers lived and worked. What a dork. I love her for that. Because I get equally mushy. We may not have perfected tardis technology yet, but we can walk into the same bathroom that our historical heroes did.

3. Tangents.
As you well know, if you've read anything I've written or listened to me talk for more than two minutes, I am easily distracted and can expound on tangents. This can be considered charming or irritating. I prefer to believe it is charming in me, although sometimes irritating in others. I will not speak further of this here, to avoid the risk of going off on a know.

4. My children's laughter. I know this is sickeningly sweet, but please just deal with it. My two kids have the best sounding laughs on Earth. And I thrill to the sound of them like a junkie on really good drugs. This is not to say that anything which pours from their mouths is uniformly pleasing. I can live without the backsass quite nicely. (Does that cut the sticky sweetness for you?)

5. Breaking the Chain. Whenever I receive something that mandates I send it out to 6 friends or 10 women I like or 23 other fellow steak eaters or everyone in my address book, I rebel. I make the conscious decision that whatever it is, it ends with me. Finis. Of course, I break that rule frequently when the something is a vital political action alert because I know that asking my chums to take action will make a difference. Then goodness will spread over the land.

So I'm not passing this meme on because I am a chain breaker. Of course, if anyone wants to blog about five of their addictions, they are free to do so. Because this is a free country! (Bonus cliche! Lucky you.)


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I love Hugh Laurie. And Stephanie.

You have excellent taste.

Anonymous said...

Hugh Laurie is a sharp fellow--I am addicted to wordplay and drawing, and will travel the world someday...and the author of this blog is a riot, I am addicted to her posts--she twisted phrases on my blog in such a fun way! Bravo!


stephanie (bad mom) said...

You called me a dork! I'm strangely okay with it.

I have no idea what you mean by going off on tangents though. heh.

You're a super fun rule-breaker, coffee & croissant-chatter. :D