Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sidetrips to Other Blogs

Today I will play your tour guide through space and time to check out some other fun blogs. Hold onto my hand as we step off the curb and head toward my friend Ms. B1tch's place. She always makes me laugh. Let's look in on her a few days ago, when she was ranting telling the tale of Mr. Talky Blabby Pants. See? I told you she was funny. I'm eagerly anticipating her next post.

Now let's see who's on her blog list. (Humph, why the hell am I not there?! Must talk to Ms. B about this oversight.) This is interesting...Reduce Footprints. Okay, let's go check it out. You can go back and see Ms. B later. Ask her why I'm not on her blog list. Hey, here's a celebration over here! It's the 100th post at Reduce Footprints. There's a mini-movie - a sea turtle's the screencap. This could be neat. Let's watch. It'll only take a minute or two. Wow! That was TOTALLY worthwhile. Some gorgeous places. There's some fine content here, a nice mix of earth-friendly tips and excellent writing. I'll be back. In fact, give me a minute to become a follower. Where will I lead you now?

Let's check out who's on RF's "Other, nice places to visit...." list.

This sounds fun: Idiot's Stew. Off we go! I love the subtitle, "A Soupy Mess of Left-overs Seasoned with the Bitter Dregs of Cynicism." The most recent post, "48 is the New 73" sounds intriguing. Hee hee! Did you see the second paragraph? Idiot Blogger writes, "Fast-forward 3 ½ decades to this morning when I looked in the mirror and it occurred to me that I now look a fuckuvalot like my dad." I like his phrasing. That is my guilty pleasure. I like the f-word and its derivatives. Here's an explanation of that viewpoint by a noted British actor (yes, you can guess who it is) when he is asked about his favorite curse word. The question's asked at 1:08. I'm including the entire clip rather than just the relevant 10 seconds because he's so darn fun.

Oh, dear, I kind of took a side trip there, didn't I? Let's go back to the Idiot for a minute. I really like the ending of his post today: " we get older, we become who we have always been regardless of how hard we have fought to stand apart from our heritage. We are marching forward, yes, but we walk in a great circle that inevitably leads us right back to where we started." This guy's really good! Profound thoughts, lovely prose. Yet he's not afraid to let loose with the occasional "fuckovalot." I admire that.

Well, dang, our time together today is up. I'd wanted to take you to a couple of other spots in the blogverse, but the Amazing Children had a half day of school, and I need to harangue them to complete their homework and clean their rooms and practice their instruments. It's hard juggling my roles as Brilliant Writer, Blog Cruise Director and Amazing Mom. Don't worry, though. I'll return to lead you on another adventure soon.


Kathryn Magendie said...

Just visiting from Reduce Footprints place! Hope you don't mind I "followed" you as well....

Fantastic Forrest said...

Kathryn, welcome! I'll try to make it worth your while.

Barry said...

I enjoyed the tour. Ms B is a very entertaining writer.

And I just have to get over to Reduced Footprints. Can't miss that!


Bee said...

I had to read "48 is the new 73" - because in my case, 42 is the new 67. I totally agree about the last line! I commented on that, too.

Much enjoyed Laurie's quiz. (Isn't he divine? We are all very addicted to House in our house.) I have to agree that the f-word is the only one that will do at times.

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. And I wish I hadn't seen that Free Rice button on your sidebar - I've been trying to stay away, it's so addicting.

Small Footprints said...

Thank you for the kind mention! And I'm excited to see that you've also mentioned some of my "bloggy" friends. I enjoy both Ms. B1tch's blog and Idiot's Stew fine place.

And now I really enjoy your blog as well!

Take Care!

Small Footprints