Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gaining Insight on the Secret Boyfriend Thing

Confession: I have been not-so-secretly judgemental of my dear friend Bad Mom for the delight she takes in declaring her love for various younger men she dubs her "secret boyfriends." But I will judge no more. Because? I totally get it now.

Snow Patrol's lead singer, Gary Lightbody, attracted my notice last evening. His presence onstage was electric; he dazzled with a million watt smile.


This guy is a charmer. Sure, his music rocks. But listen to his speaking voice. I'm a total anglophile and an enthusiastic francophile, but the illustration for the term "linguistic irishphile" is a picture of me.

Is it wrong that I'm posting this shortly after declaring my love for Professor X in my sentimental anniversary post? Don't judge me, please. Your epiphany may be just around the corner.


Simple Mama said...

<---secret boyfriends.
1.) Bradley Whitford.
2.) Nathan Fillion
3.) Tahmoh Penikett

Must find some rock star secret boyfriends.

Michele said...

It is perfectly acceptable to be happily married and have a secret boyfriend. Or at least I hope so.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Simple Mama - Bradley Whitford is not secret boyfriend material. He is second husband material. But I think Jane Kaczmarek would kick my ass. Ooh, wait...just read they have filed for divorce. Hmm.

Michele - thank you for your support. :) It is always fun to visit your blog! I lurk a lot, but meant to comment earlier about the TP roll shot. I'd been thinking of doing that in a post myself. So don't get mad if I forget to credit you! Ha!

lisleman said...

I have not heard of Snow Patrol. I'll need to check out their music.

So is this part of the cougar trend I've been hearing about?

You've probably heard that just because you're on a diet doesn't keep you from reading the menu.

Fantastic Forrest said...

lisleman - this blog does not tolerate name calling. Remember, don't judge and don't label. Or I will come after you with my big sharp cougar claws. Do check out Snow Patrol. Start with the you tube vid for Open Your Eyes set to the short Lalouch film, C'Etait Un Rendezvous.

kyooty said...

love this post. I can't GO there but I like the way you've written this.

Michele Renee said...

Hey, it's Michele Renee, not to be confused with Michele who commented earlier. I had the photo of the TP.
Anyway, it's understandable that you are confused. You are in love with two men. Like the other Michele I too think it's OK.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

nice choice, though i had no idea you were disdainful of me; i'm slightly injured.
p.s. i am writing from my new iphone lover! he doesn't wear halter tops but i might be able to make him use an irish accent..

Fantastic Forrest said...

kyooty - thanks! :)

Michele Renee - thanks for that clarification. I thought something was wrong - I'd visited both of your blogs today, and remembered the TP post from Michele Renee, but thought you'd changed your avatar and name.

Michele - I shared the link to your blog with Barry (An Explorer's Life) because he is going vegetarian. I want that mushroom risotto recipe, BTW!

Fantastic Forrest said...

Bad Mom - no need to feel injured. You are my role model in all things. Your iphone lover is an exciting addition to the family, I am sure. :)

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I hang out only with the spiciest of women.

Shana said...

I'll see that "rowr" and raise you a HOLY SHIT, DUDE, WILL YOU MARRY ME?

I love Snow Patrol and Plaint White Ts. You and I, cool rock moms, that is what we are.

Anonymous said...

I've got a secret boyfriend. His name is Tom Phelphrey. Yummy!

Simple Mama said...

beg to differ. Bradley Whitford has been my secret boyfriend since the inception of the West Wing, way back when I didn't want a first husband.

Anonymous said...

I actually met Gary Lightbody once, and he was a bit of a dick. I asked him about Glasgow (where he lived at the time...don't know if he's still there; and where I had just moved from) and he totally gave me the cold shoulder. Very unfriendly.

Also, technically speaking, he's Northern Irish, and not Irish. Depending on political persuasion and/or religion, a Northern Irish person might not want to be called Irish. Can imagine he's bothered either way since he's probably modern and progressive.