Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Am Truly *&$#%^! Speechless

"Go ahead, Senator, ask her 'Are you now or have you ever been a volunteer?'"

Sir, have you no sense of decency?

A friend posted this on her Facebook page with the comment

"I try to ignore Beck, but trying to get people to hate volunteerism by equating it with communism is disgusting."

I thought "huh? I thought he was a pretty cool, liberal musician."

Wrong Beck.

I await your comments on the linked material, because, frankly, if I start to write about this, someone is bound to report my blog as obscene and Blogger will take it down.


Anonymous said...

Glen Beck is an ass. A complete ass. There isn't a part of him that isn't an ass. Well, except maybe his legs and feet. He needs those so he can be a walking ass.


What the hell is wrong with people nowadays? Someone is seriously going to bitch about a non-partisan push to volunteer?!?!! The only reason he's bitching is because it's something that the President openly supports. The way some people are acting nowadays, I think if the President publicly supported sleeping, everyone would scream that sleeping is communist.

Glen says "Are we lacking in volunteers in America?" I'd have to say yes. Do you volunteer? I don't. I don't have time. How many people do you know that routinely volunteer? I know two. My neighbors who volunteer at the county food bank. Two people.

This morning, there's controversy on our morning news here in the DC area because school children were "caught" singing a song that included a phrase about our President leading our country. And people are upset. WTH???? Presidents have led our country since George Washington.

Meanwhile, the President surprised a local school by showing up at lunchtime and talking to the kids about what books they were reading. He took the time to talk to EVERY child in the cafeteria and shook their hands. He asked about their favorite book and listened to the answers. He knew of the books the kids mentioned and commented to each child on their favorite. One little girl was so thrilled that she says she'll never wash that hand again. The kids were overjoyed that the President came to see them. Just as they would have been if Bush, Clinton, Carter or Reagan had come to see them. And frankly, the country would have been in a lovefest, had Bush, Clinton, Carter or Reagan visited a local school by surprise. But not Obama. No. He's spreading his communist message again ... encouraging kids to embrace reading.

One can only shake their head at what's being said out there.

Simple Mama said...

hahahahaha "Sleeping is communist!" So funny! I'm sure Marx slept, so it must be true. ;)

kyooty said...

uh why is he on the air?

Becky said...

Yes, Glenn Beck is a professional dickwad.

I would eat a bucket of dirt if it would get him off the air. Not that I watch his channel.

Fantastic Forrest said...

a tired wife - Well said indeed. I DO volunteer, and trust me, we need a LOT more people to help. If Beck thinks he's going to get agreement from those of us who spend hours doing volunteer tasks that there are enough of us, he's crazy.

Simple Mama - It's true. Sleeping is very communistic. Especially if you have a shared bed. :)

kyooty - I ask that every day. All I can think is because mental health facilities are all filled up.

Becky - I'd eat a bucket with ya, sister.

lisleman said...

I like to think that the more G. Beck speaks the more his audience will shrink. This one is even dumber than the protest of the speech to kick off the school year.

I do wonder if he would become less if we just ignored him.