Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Pledge Video: Does it Serve the Purpose?

I find this poster strangely compelling. Propaganda or pop culture?

I know I said I'd talk more about Metropolis today. I had this really great post in mind, about the underlying themes of corporate control and class structure, tying into my fruitless efforts to get my daughter to work at cleaning her room. But that's going to have to wait.

I received an email from one of my parent's friends, a dear lady who is astoundingly conservative. I'd never realized her political leanings when I was an innocent child, assuming that Aunt* Zelda held middle of the road views similar to my parents'. (*Aunt is her honorary title, name changed to protect her privacy, and protect me from her wrath if she ever found my blog) Since we connected via email, though, I've been sent a variety of right wing goodies. She knows I don't share her views, but she's felt compelled to share them anyway. Sometimes I read and delete, sometimes I take a moment to respond, sometimes I take a long time to do some research and share it with her. I doubt I've ever changed her mind, though, and I know she hasn't changed mine.

She sent me a brief note:

Another example of political crap about Obama.

Then she provided a link to a video supporting President Obama featuring a number of celebrities pledging to do certain things, ranging from .....well, here, watch it yourself. And tell me what you think. I really want to know. I'll share my own thoughts in a day or two.


Simple Mama said...

I've seen this...and heard the firestorm of crap that ensued after - including right wing nut jobs (whoa...did I just say that?) claiming that Obama wants people to follow and serve him. I'm quick to point out that 1. This wasn't a video put together by the White House or Obama's administration, and 2., they are completely missing the mark on the spirit in which this video was made, and 3., They are right wing nut jobs.

Michele Renee said...

I think those celebrities talk too much about going "number 2" and need to stick to acting in movies or TV.

Anonymous said...

I'm conflicted about this video...

On the one hand, we *do* live in a celebrity age, so what better way to get the "younger generation" interested in politics than involving a bus-load of celebrities?

On the other hand, whereas the sentiment behind this video is all very charming, it made me want to puke. We just don't do that amount of touch-feeliness where I'm from.

Anonymous said...

My position will come as no surprise.

I understand that those who search for something to pick at Obama about will IMMEDIATELY zero in on the "serve my President" statement ... to which I say "get over yourself already." Serve my President is simply another way of saying serve my country.

I don't see this as a 'get interested or involved in politics message' at all. It's about being the best you can be ... doing the best you can do ... thinking of more than yourself ... helping others ... helping the environment.

Yet, there will be controversy. Because HOW DARE the President, or anyone else for that matter, suggest that people work hard, do good, take responsibility, get an education, etc. HOW DARE anyone suggest that we help others whether they be our neighbors across the street, across the town, or across the planet. HOW DARE anyone suggest that people do more than live in their closed in, self-centered lives that so many lead today.

I think the video was touching also, but it didn't want to make me puke. It made me think that I should ... could ... and will do more. Seriously, using reusable bags at the grocery store isn't a political statement, nor is it hard, nor does everyone where you're from have to already be doing it. Step up ... be the first ... start the trend. Shoot, if it's new to your town, find a way to make money off of it! Order the reusable grocery bags and have them imprinted with your local high school's football team logo and sell them for a couple dollars as a fund-raiser! Plant 100 trees. You can get seedlings for next to nothing. For most folks, at least 100 trees were plowed down in the spot where your home now is. Just replenish.

Thank you for posting the video. I hadn't seen it before and I'm very glad that I have now.

lisleman said...

Good video but probably not at the top of my list. You might know (a little searching will turn this up) that the video was directed and edited by Demi Moore. It was made for the inauguration back in Jan. 09.

Some of it is humorous or even silly but the message is service. I don't care much for entertainment celebrities telling us what to do but it's better than the sex and drugs stories we often hear about them.

Back to the service message - it's a good one. I served for the president in USAF as an officer. I made a pledge to whoever was president. Sometimes people need to think past the person currently in the office to the purpose of the office.

lisleman said...

oh one more comment - I can related to your effort to influence die hard conservatives. I'm the most liberal one among my siblings and sometimes it's annoying. Once in awhile maddening.

Bee said...

Some bits of this video are slightly cringe-making, but the overall tone is sweet -- and totally innocuous. Robin Wright Penn says something about "committing to my own change before I ask others to change" and that is basically what the video is about. If all of us do just one small positive thing . . .

Sadly, this kind of thing probably falls into the preaching to the choir category. As I've been listening to the scepticism/outrage about Obama's Peace Prize it has occurred to me how much easier it is going to be to lose advocates than to gain them.