Monday, February 9, 2009

Musical Monday Morning: The Way You Look Tonight

What a special treat I have for you today! A beautiful song performed by six beautiful people.

Aren't their voices absolutely gorgeous? This is a scene from the 1992 film Peter's Friends. I'm betting you've never seen it. Kindly do so. At once.

It is a lovely story with some fantastic actors. Amazing Children watched it with me as part of my ongoing obsession stalking appreciation of Hugh Laurie. He plays Roger Charleston, a talented musician who collaborates writing commercial jingles with his wife Mary, played by Imelda Staunton. The Charlestons are dealing with a very tragic incident that threatens to destroy their marriage. Laurie and Staunton are such great actors that I felt embarrassed intruding on their private, anguished conversations. You really do need to see this film.

Amazing Daughter shrieked "Argh! It's Umbridge!" when Staunton first appeared in the movie. We hate Umbridge. She is evil. In case you've been living on another planet, Umbridge is the awful Ministry of Magic official who takes over Hogwarts for a year in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Here's a still from the film where Maggie Smith's Professor McGonagall is comforting Emma Thompson's Professor Trelawney as mean Umbridge tries to kick her out.

It takes some adjusting to like an actor after you've seen them play a truly despicable character.

We adjusted.

Laurie and Staunton make a terrific musical duo. And their characters' story is very moving. He is, of course, a GOD at singing, composing, and playing piano and guitar. Not to mention that sexyfunny horn thing he does with his lips at :45. She has a voice that's so lovely it brings tears to my eyes. And she's certainly able to do the glamorous star thing. ------>

Peter's Friends features Laurie's talented BFF Stephen Fry in the eponymous role. Laurie's former real-life girlfriend (Lucky girl!) Emma Thompson, takes a turn as a very funny character who tries to bed Peter, not realizing her old friend is gay. Her real-life husband at the time, Kenneth Branagh, directed and appears in the film as another friend of Peter. He's dancing in this clip with the lovely Alphonsia Emmanuel.

Play the clip again and marvel at the talent you're hearing and seeing.

There is a great write up about the song here. You should read it.

Don't you wish you had friends who could get together around your baby grand piano and harmonize like that? I do! I am leaving bloggyland for the day to go practice my arpeggios. You never know if Hugh Laurie a musical friend might be in the neighorhood.


stephanie (bad mom) said...

I do wish I had not only friends to gather around in such a way, but also wish I had a piano and a voice to lend (that wouldn't terrorize everyone's ears).


Nice touch for today, thank you.

Bee said...

Oh, I had completely forgotten about this fab film. My first thought: Don't they all look so young? Hugh, of course, has aged wonderfully, though. He is a man who can carry off bags and wrinkles; indeed, they add to his gravitas.

(Funnily enough, I have been watching Stephen Fry in America this afternoon as I was doing the ironing.)

Lisa said...

I can't wait to get to work tomorrow so I can watch this video! Our internet connection is weak so I have to watch viddies at work - how sad is that?

I love Imelda Staunton in PBS's Cranford. She is hilarious!

I'm going to have to get this movie, hopefully from the library.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Stephanie - I have the baby grand. And I don't care how scary your voice is. Come over soon and sing with me, buddy.

Bee - Hugh is...oh, please don't get me started. Yes, he is aging beautifully. Sigh. But how did I NOT know about Stephen Fry in America?! I totally need to see this. I googled it and found his wonderful blog. I am so excited!! Thank you, Bee!

Lisa - you will love the song. I played it like 6 times today. I think I will play it again.

Okay, I'm back. It was really good.

How did I not know about Cranford?! Thank you so much. Something new to adore. Isn't life grand? :)