Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Story of O

Were you intrigued alarmed by the post title, wondering if I'd succumbed to popular pressure to produce porn? Sorry to disappoint you Fear not! The Story of O which I have to share with you is a sweet and simple tale.

Today, one of my lovely friends and her two lovely children joined me and my lovely girl child for a day of wild, unrestrained PTA activism in Olympia, our state's lovely capitol.

We enthusiastically engaged in a rally on the steps of the Legislative Building. My lovely friend's son cracked me up BIG TIME when he informed us that rallying was "friendly rioting." This child would make an outstanding blogger. Both he and his sister were newbies to the whole legislative lobbying thing, but they were quick studies and seemed to genuinely enjoy themselves, particularly when we added a trip to the Children's Museum adjacent to the capitol campus. A great adventure, indeed.

My girl is an old pro at going to see our elected officials. When she was barely six months old, I took her to the other Washington when I went to lobby on behalf of environmental issues. Politicians love to kiss babies when they're running for election; they seemed to enjoy it after getting into office as well. I still remember the very friendly reception we enjoyed from our congressman's office.

I believe in engaging young people in the political process. You've probably figured that out.

If you've concluded that the "O" from my post's title is "Olympia," you're wrong. It's the tasty aphrodisiac treat I enjoyed this evening after the Children's Museum.


I am an addict. My name is Fantastic Forrest, and it's been three hours since I had 5 oysters on the half shell (Amazing Girl Child stole 1 from my half dozen and I threatened her with my tiny fork when she tried to take more), and 6 big juicy pan fried oysters.

I ate them here, at Olympia's Oyster House Restaurant.

photo by Steve H.

The economy is hurting, the state's budget is undoubtedly going to reflect that with painful cuts to education, but I had some oysters and saw some of my wonderful family and friends doing their best to advocate for things that matter to them.

Life is very good.


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

What a fun way to finish up Focus Day.

And the Spencer kids are a riot, friendly or otherwise.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

'Twas a delight, thank you for taking us along.

I am postponing the introduction of my child into the blog world; I'm not sure any of us is truly ready.

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Ooooooooooo. The oysters.... Ooooooooo.

I had some very fine moules this weekend. But ooooooo. Oysters on the half shell AND pan fried oysters.


khaye said...

Yummy oysters!

I miss visiting your site... :)