Friday, February 13, 2009

St. Valentine and the Dragon

Amazing Girl Child had her classroom Valentine's Day party yesterday. This selfsame darling little offspring who has to be shoved down the stairs and out the door each morning jumped up and headed off without a backward glance. I wish every day was class party day.

There is something magical about Valentine's Day. At least there is if your teacher insists that if you're going to distribute cards, you have to have one for every student. God bless my daughter's teachers and others like her. I remember some pretty humiliating Valentine's Days in my elementary school years. Some kids got tons of cards. I did not.

Today is the birthday of one of Amazing Boy Child's best friends. Even though this young man lives in Ireland, and we haven't seen him since August 2006, my son and he have kept in touch. They write about their day to day lives, about their cinematic and musical tastes, and share their feelings about growing up. It's a bewildering time, dealing with the challenges of mid-teens. But one thing my son is sure of is that he has a good friend overseas who cares about him. I still remember when we were about to leave Ireland, and I overheard this boy talking with his father on the phone. He was desperate to have some additional time with my son, and wanted to give him a small keepsake, a shiny little dragon figure he treasured. He wanted his Dad to pick him up so he could get the item from his room, then return him to our soon-to-be-sadly-vacated-by-us home. His thirteen year old voice cracked as he pleaded, "I have to come back. He's my friend." The depth of his sincerity touched me. Quite honestly, just thinking about it now touches my heart.

Have I told you all this before? I feel like I have. Maybe I've just been thinking about it a lot. I'm not 18 anymore, and the fluttery feelings of my first romantic love have been replaced by something else even more satisfying. The satisfaction of loving my children, and watching them love others and be loved by those others.

That's a whole lotta love.

Happy Day Before V-Day.

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Rachel said...

It's beautiful when boys can extend their hearts out to friends in such a touching way. I hope that they can keep their sensitivity into adulthood.

Lisa said...

That is such a sweet story of friendship and love. When we moved from Illinois, our son left behind his best friend and I know he still misses him almost six years later. They've not kept in touch, but I think maybe I should encourage The Actor to seek out his friend and reconnect. He still mentions him from time to time.

Love is such an amazing, powerful thing, isn't it?

Fantastic Forrest said...

Rachel - It is beautiful, indeed.

Lisa - Do encourage him to reconnect. There was actually a lapse of a couple years where they were not in contact. But it was worth it for them to pick up the friendship again, and thanks to the internet, easy to share things - a music clip, a funny story, whatever.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

You're so right about that satisfying feeling - watching your children experience love is a true joy. So glad your kiddos are in it.

Although a little heart-skipping at 40 over the Dairy Guy is pretty nice, too :D

Frisky Librarian said...

Aw, that's beautiful. Amazing Boy Child must be a wonderful person to inspire such a heartfelt gesture. I can only imagine the joy of seeing your kids forging such deep connections with others.

Sigh. I feel a little wistful now....